Funky Circles

Flight Of Whimsy

I’m moving tomorrow! This is very very stressful. I have all of my nail polish (7 shoeboxes worth) in one suitcase. Here’s to hoping that none of them break (or any of my glass…I used to blow glass and it is very nerve-wracking to know that they could all shatter)! Anyway. Today’s nail art is centered around the polish Funky Cold Patina by KBShimmer. KBShimmer had a sale a month or so ago, and I just couldn’t resist picking up two new polishes…I still haven’t even tried the other! Oops!


Funky Cold Patina is a bright teal crelly with large dark blue and copper hexes, and smaller light blue and purple glitters. The inspiration was apparently ‘old copper’ (the way it turns blueish when it rusts) and it is awesome!


I had to fish a bit for the larger glitters…I bet if I had let this sit upside-down they would…

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