M.I.A. to Diplo: No Apologies

Power 96 - Miami's Party Station

By Brian Ives

M.I.A.was quick to respond to aBillboardinterviewpublished yesterday with her former producerDiplo, where he apparently misquotedthe Sri Lankan singer.

Billboardasked, “Your ex-girlfriend M.I.A. recently said you were jealous and controlling. What?s your reaction to that?” His response: “I met her the next day at a hotel, and she apologized; I hadn?t seen her in five years.”

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Word of the interview got to M.I.A. quickly and shetweetedher response, saying, “I didn’t apologies [sic], I said you owe an apology to my people.”

That was probably a reference to something she brought up in theRolling Stoneinterview with her thatBillboardreferenced, where she said, “I don’t mind if he said bad stuff about me, but to discredit and to devalue what happened in Sri Lanka and with Tamil people during…

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