Watch us (poorly) ride the Transportation of the Future


One day on my lunch break, I was standing outside the Grist offices and saw something that made me think an undiagnosed brain tumor might be making me hallucinate: It looked like a man on a crazy, seatless unicycle was cruising up the hills of downtown Seattle with no effort at all. I shouted after him, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT THING??” but he was too busy talking on his iPhone to respond. After I got back to the office, I Googled “electric wheel ride uphill what is this machine” and, deep on results page four, I found it: the Solowheel.

The Solowheel, it turns out, was invented right here in Washington state by Shane Chen, the founder of the experimental design firm Inventist. But if Chen is the inventor of the Solowheel, its great champion is the last guy on the planet you would expect to be into this kind…

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