What is a Digital World?

Teaching in a digital world

When considering our world today in comparison to 15 years ago, it is easy to recognize how technologically advanced the world has become. Computers, the internet and social media have caused society to become highly interconnected.positive-and-negative-effects-of-mobile-phone Most of society has a personal computer in their pocket (mobile phone),  which can connect them to email, text messaging, paying bills and so much more.  There are many benefits to digital technology, but how has this impacted the part of society that is not ‘digitally literate’, Howell,(2015) and also the new generation that expect a constant use of digital technology.

Clearly there is a generation that did not go to school with  digital technology, which Prensky, (2001) labels ‘ digital immigrants’, and many of these are teachers, they were taught, and are more comfortable using pen, paper and a library; therefore they have had to learn to adapt and develop the skills to use the internet…

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