3 Tricks To Eating Less During The Super Bowl

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Other than Thanksgiving, Americans eat more on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. So, how can you avoid killing your diet, while still enjoying all the yummy food at the Super Bowl party?

According to ABC News, the average person consumes 2,400 calories during the game. This is actually on the high end of what most of us should get in an entire day!  Yes, I said an entire day!

Here are three simple tricks that can help you avoid it.

1. Alternate between beer and water. A lot of the calories you get come from beer. So, if you drink water too, you can cut those calories in half. Not only that, but you’ll also stay hydrated and have less chance of feeling hungover in the morning. Plus, it’ll help with all the salty food you’re eating! Or take one for the team and don’t drink at all…

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