Bite the Belt

I’ll admit that, in a spate of catching up with piles of promo, I came across this one and only gave it the one play-through before heralding it as “three tracks of beautiful liquid drum & bass and one, equally peng, dark-room treat on the side.”

I since, haven’t listened to the EP at all, but I don’t need to. I know I’ll listen to it again later and think the exact same as I did last night; “This is fucking fresh.” So there’s no need for me waiting around to deliver it to you guys!

It dropped at the end of last month on NextGen Records, a London UK/Washington US crossover label – new to my collection – and is built by artist CUTWORKS, again, new name on the list but sure as hell impressing the tits off me with this one.

Piano-driven loveliness all round, perfect for…

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