Effin’ Fitba


Football saved my life. Twice.
I had a debilitating stammer when I was young. Out of the many quirks children have I can hardly think of something worse then having your tongue tied and making a fool out of yourself every time you try to speak. The answers in class are there, the comeback to a bully is there, the proposition that could solve the whole situation is there, but they come out jumbled, broken, sweating, shivering.
But I was born with arched feet and thigh muscles like a horse’s. The stuttering kid was the fastest in school. Our school had no interest in sports whatsoever due to war raging wild around us and all. So the students of our class, 12 year olds mind you, decided to create a football tournament between the classes of our age group, with a cup and all. I had probably touched a ball…

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