Jewelry Blending

Definitely Dani


Although I don’t wear glamorous jewels, I’m never without a pair of studs and my staple rings. They make up my go-to jewelry wardrobe…what I turn to when I’m in gym clothes or dashing out on a busy morning.

On other days, I love mixing and matching materials & styles. Here, I wear a gold strand necklace, brass bracelet, and antique emerald ring. I’ve gotten a lot more adventurous when it comes to pairing unique pieces together. Gone are the days of wearing all silver or all gold…it’s so much more fun to wear both!

There’s a way to blend them seamlessly without overwhelming your look. Just follow these tips to get started:

1. Mix silver and gold bangles on the same arm

2. For a small touch, don a charm bracelet with mixed-metal charms

3. Wear gold earrings with a silver necklace, or visa versa

4. Try stacking silver and gold rings…

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