Manchester Press: Somewhere in some alleyway

The Asian Stir Fry

Is it Instagram worthy? #1

Melbournians love 3 things:
  1. Hipster cafés
  2. Laneways
  3. Laneways with hipster cafés

Hungry? In the Melbourne CBD? Have no fear cause a review is here.

My favorite brunch thus far, has got to be Manchester Press.

Apparently, it used to be a news-printing factory back in the good ol’ days.

Now, it’s a café located on Rankins Lane, Little Bourke St.

At first, you wouldn’t think that a café would even be in this little lane as there isn’t really a visible door.

The first time I ever checked out the place, I walked around in circles 3 times with Google Maps on and eventually resorted to acting like a tourist who couldn’t speak English (worked like a charm).

Look up love, and you’ll see the grace of Manchester Press shine over you.

Walking up to the door, you’ll see a projection of disco lights (hahaha, get…

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