My Kitchen Rules… #MKR is back to the country…off to Mt Isa we go

Life as a country bumpkin...not a city girl

Got to love another instant restaurant…this time off to Mt Isa for Jac and Shaz and an airport welcome by their family.  Then “have you got the keys darl, we’ve got to go, ay.”  Gee we’re back in the country and I like it.  Oh god love them cooking barra…barra is seriously amazing and barra from the Gulf of Carpentaria is second to Kimberleys barra in my humble opinion.  Guess what they get back quite quickly, well there aren’t a huge amount of shops in Mt Isa, more than in Country Town 2.0, but not as many as all the other teams can access.  Oh lord Will thinks he’s a proper Aussie now he’s in red dirt country…mate come out to Country Town 2.0, it makes Mt Isa look like a city.  Oh dear, they’re having pastry issues, that’s the problem with pastry and living in the heat…there’s always difficulties. …

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