Samsung Launches Its Revolutionary SUHD and UHD Line Up in Singapore

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Samsung Launches Its Revolutionary SUHD and UHD Line Up in Singapore


New SUHD Nano-Crystal Technology Produces Magnificent Color, Contrast and Brightness For An Incredibly Vivid, Life-Like Picture

Samsung introduces its latest line-up of SUHD TVs recently, setting a new standard in premium UHD (Ultra High Definition) content to raise consumers’ viewing experience to new heights. Samsung reserves the “S” identification for its most premium, flagship products that signify a true leap forward in technology.

Samsung SUHD TVs demonstrate innovative advances in colour reproduction, brightness, contrast and detail to deliver a sensational TV viewing experience. Their nano-crystal technology transmits different colours of light depending on their size to produce the highest colour purity and light efficiency available today. This technology produces a wide range of more accurate colours, providing viewers with 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs.

The newly announced Samsung SUHD TV JS9500 features a chamfer bezel design, adding…

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