TRNC News Today 27th April 2016 – Akinci “We are turning a new page”


TRNC News Today 27th April 2015

Akıncı: “We are turning a new page”

Independent candidate Mustafa Akıncı, who won the Presidential elections, addressed the people at İnönü Square last night. In his speech, Akıncı thanked the people for their contributions to this process of democracy and expressed that a new process has started Mustafa Akinci - New Presidentwith new hopes. “We are turning a new page. It should not be forgotten that I will also be the President of supporters of Eroğlu. I wish Eroğlu health, peace and success in his future life. If Mehmet Ali Talat or Eroglu want to consult with me, I am ready because this country belongs to all of us, the future of the country interests all of us” President Akıncı said.  Underlining that he would stand behind his words he expressed during the election campaign, Akıncı said that it should be very well known that he will follow…

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