15 Reasons Being Single Is Awesome

Thought Catalog

aiyanayuki aiyanayuki

1. You get to sleep alone.

I advocate for cuddling in bed, because it’s fun, intimate and a better way to watch a movie than with your hand down your own shorts. But as a light sleeper used to my engineered bedroom surroundings (cold temperature, feet sticking out the end of the covers, fan on high along with manufactured rain sounds for noise, three comforters and five pillows to generate a sort of nest), I sometimes find it difficult to sleep with another person. The transition from cuddling into slumber is a tough one. And I always feel badly breaking out of it and rolling over, even though the person lying next to me probably breathes a sigh of relief or doesn’t wake up at all.

I don’t want to wake you up a bunch of times by kicking you while I’m unconsciously stretching out, or for my arm…

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