7 Reasons Why A New Exercise Regime Is The Cure For Your Broken Heart

Thought Catalog


1. It teaches you to fight through the moments where you feel like dying.

If you’re going to take up a post-breakup exercise regime, make sure it’s something intense. Preferably something that makes you feel, on a regular basis, as though you’re about to die (I recommend running or lifting weights).

This is very important because it’s practice for the first time you see your ex walking down the street hand-in-hand with someone new. You are, at that point in time, going to feel like dying. But fear not! You took up running months ago. You’re well acquainted with the feeling of wanting to die and you’re also well versed in pushing through it. Exercise builds resilience – both physically and emotionally.

2. The last thing your ex wants is for you to get HOTTER.

No matter how well the relationships ends, there are two basic things we all…

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