Are You Haunted (twenty-sixth)

Torsade Literary Space

Tovey braked, a little ahead of the drive, and backed the car in.  From the highway, up Mill Road, to the barn, seemed no distance to Powell, now that he found the route familiar.  He held the cooler, while Isobel slipped out from beneath it.  Then, moving across to Tovey’s now vacant place, he got out himself, and came round the car to stand beside her.  They both watched Tovey, whose eyes were on his polished shoes, as he picked his way up the footpath.

“But,” Powell said, “he must have told you what he’s up to.  The place is empty…”  He would offend her by going further.  Privately, though, he believed Tovey wanted to take something from the Drybrook house.

“Powell, what were they talking about, Summers and Connolly?”

“I thought…well, Mr. Rohdl is missing.  It sounded like Summers thinks he went in the river.  And then Connolly drove out…

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