Baltimore Riots. Baltifewer Riots?

Nova Means New


A man named Freddie Gray is dead. He was black. He was in the process of being arrested when his spinal column was severely damaged. A week later, in police custody, he died. Baltimore is now in flames. Riots and looting are taking place in all the poorest sectors of the city. Racial tensions have exploded, and will continue to rage across America until something is done. We can talk about specific causes, but we have to realize that at its heart, America has a systemic race problem. And it’s not just in the USA.

I want to say that there is never an acceptable excuse for rioting. Rioting is a fundamentally destructive behaviour. It degrades and destroys the dialogue. It is a dehumanization of the looters and rioters. Looters need to be taught not to loot, and how to use their anger productively rather than destructively. The rage against…

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