British Education – A Humiliating Story

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Finland’s Revolutionary Reforms Highlight How Far Behind Britain Is Lagging In Offering a Relevant 21st Century Education

Despite years of uniformly being named as the leading European country in terms of literacy, numeracy, quality of teaching and schooling standards, Finland hasn’t been content to smugly rest on its laurels. The country has once again decided to revolutionise policy, philosophy and pedagogy in order to instigate wholesale educational reforms that reflect the types of challenges faced by school leavers in a metamorphic global society. Early independent assessments of their transformative topic based ‘phenomenon’ learning already indicate higher levels of pupil attainment, engagement and happiness. On the other hand, if Finland is top of the class, it feels like Britain’s antediluvian system would see them getting a firm cane to the backside before being pushed into the corner to wear the dunce cap.


What Finland has implemented is the direct inverse of…

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