Cherry – Dec 2011 (Part 3)

Stuff We Go Through

They heard footsteps outside the door; they knew it was Anna. She came in. Nervous Deep did not know how Cherry would react. She maintained her calm and did not say anything. They were very quiet and discreet. Anna figured out that something happened while she was out. She did not say anything and told them that they could get more beer at the New Point, a Turkish falafel shop across the road. As she felt she intruded she proposed to go and get some beer from the shop by herself. Deep offered to go, but she told him that she knew where the shop was and she started putting on her coat.

Deep did not try to convince her not to go, he knew her absence would give him more time with Cherry. He knew he was in business. Anna left.

“I wanna kiss you again,” said Deep.


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