Day #233 – Plagued With Plagiarism

366 Days of Autism

Most of my love/hate moments in life come from something I said or did that comes back to haunt me.  When that ‘thing’ causes me to rethink what I currently believe.

I love this – because it allows for growth and redefinition.
I hate this – because it forces me to question my current belief structure.

What’s our new issue?  Obviously plagiarism.

I am a teacher of writing and speaking.  Plagiarism is bad, bad, bad…

I often pontificate about the woes of plagiarizing – about how it’s thievery of intellectual property.

So, one would think my own child should know better.

He does…but I fear he cannot help himself.

Remember Day #43 – My Tape Recorder?

“So, what do some children do? Well, they memorize. I used to refer to Tucker as my tape recorder (albeit not in front of him). He talks like I do. He found a way…

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