Decision making roadblocks

Living: the ultimate team sport

I like what I like.  How many times have you been asked to choose between one thing and another, you choose the thing, and then you’re asked, “What made you choose that?”  If you’re the mother of Not Quite the Plan‘s author, your answer is, “I like what I like.”

Person with question markI love the example of this mini-dilemma found in the attached article.  The blog author’s mother, I’ll call her Mrs. Mom, cuts to the chase; she doesn’t waste any time deliberating; she simply knows what she likes: she doesn’t like the cat that keeps jumping on her lap, but she does like fudge bars.  Mrs. Mom has dementia.  Perhaps because of her condition, the decisions she makes are far less complicated than they used to be.  Her measuring rod: I like what I like.

Weighing the pros and cons is a very important step in the decision…

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