Do We See Diversity as an Issue?

Uncomfortable Conversations for Educators & Parents

Last week, I posed questions about if it is more important to examine consumption or creation in young children’s media, specifically from the perspective of working with diverse communities.  Readers’ responses have stated that both are important and need to be considered.  Their responses provoked deeper thinking and compelled me to ask a number of questions, one being: do we see diversity as an issue in young children’s interactive media?

When I posed the initial question around consumption-based interactive media in early childhood, I failed to realize that there are some flaws in my inquiry.  The first is that I assumed that early childhood educators and parents see that there is a problem with the amount of diversity in quality interactive media.  I didn’t initially pose the question to see if people thought there was an issue around diversity.  The second flaw is that I assumed that educators and parents feel able and capable of choosing quality…

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