How Reaching Rock Bottom Saved Me

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Valentina CostiValentina Costi

I went in a little further than I should have. Not once have I ever understood it, but all that was left with me were blades. My friend had trusted me to take them away from her for when she lost control. There is a sense of beauty that comes with trust. It is ingrained in ourselves. It is embarked with our deepest insecurities. Trust is naked. It’s bare, minimal and simplistic. And yet it is secretive, embarrassing, and complex. It is where our fears take on vulnerability. That is what my friend gave me that night. It was almost empowering. The feeling of gaining that form of trust. The feeling of knowing that I was worthy of taking her blades away from her.

The next day was when it got harder though. I could feel the blades lying in my garbage bin, egging me on. I resisted…

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