Magnificient Temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Coffee Tea Travels ♥

By Stella Nathania Wibowo

Soo-s’day, bong! Tomorrow, four thirty morning, to Angkor Wat?” Staring into the emptiness of the busy Siem Reap road at night, the tuk-tuk driver was startled out of his cozy motorbike seat by two tourists who seemed to be too friendly.

“Eight dollar,” he offered. Soon enough, we agreed on the rate and meeting time. We exchanged numbers between our 21st century smartphone and his 20th century handphone that some of us middle-class city dwellers would be embarrassed to own, even a little over 10 years ago. A necessary verification routine of calling the newly-exchanged numbers just proved to me that these two phones could interact.

At 4:30am the next day, there he was at the entrance of our hotel. He had a warm smile that suggested a slight relief; these over-friendly tourists actually managed to show up at the agreed time instead…

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