I was never one to believe in coincidences, I was never one to take chances, I was practical never believed in miracles, so when I met him. I started wondering if it was a miracle, coincident or both.

I was on my way to home, that’s when I saw him. He was the epitome of perfection, no matter how you looked at it. To his dark brown locks, deep green eyes, rugged looks and to muscled body, everything screamed perfection. I felt small and a hinderance in comparison to him. That’s when our eyes locked. His deep green in my blue ones, we stared at each other for a while probably contemplating each other.

That’s when I realised it I knew him. He was Danny Ruke. Someone I don’t want to remember yet can’t bring myself to forget. Danny Ruke my ex lover and current boss.

Want to know…

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