The 2 Virginia colleges that will boost your salary more than any other schools

NEW YORK — Where you go to school can have a huge effect on your salary. Grads of California Institute of Technology increased their earnings by 49 percent, on average, just by attending that school, according to a new study from the Brookings Institution. The average alumni made $126,200 a year at mid-career, compared with a projected salary of $77,129 if they had gone to another comparable institution. Colgate took the number two spot, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Brookings estimated how much a college directly contributed to alumni salaries by predicting what their earnings would be based on a college’s institutional, student and locational characteristics, and comparing that to what alumni were actually making 10 years after graduating.

These characteristics on which predicted salary are based include whether a college was in a big city with lots of job opportunities or a smaller town with fewer options and…

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