The Mother of all Stones

Healing Pilgrim

For the past week, I’ve been drinking copious amounts of apple juice while gearing up for a liver flush. If you’ve never heard of it, I can assure you that, until a few months ago, I’d never heard of it either – and even when I did, the mere idea of the flush, complete with detailed descriptions and images ((I’ll leave the image-searching to you: “gallstones after liver flush”) – immediately filled me with dread, nausea and a truckload of skepticism.

But I was in Bali then, island of all-things-are-possible… which translated into opening myself to the idea of trying out holistic / natural / detox / cleansing remedies of the most distasteful-sounding kind. I was also attempting to boost my digestive tract.

Bundling up all the necessary ingredients – fruit, olive oil and Epsom salts – I was ready, though warily so, to plunge (liver first) into some major…

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