Top 5 Best Goal Celebrations

Jake Smalley

Some guys over the years have found some very unique and iconic ways of celebrating goals, here are 5 of the best..

Number 5: Peter Crouch

With the best strike rate of an England striker with more than 10 caps, Peter Crouch burst onto the international scene in 2006 with goals in abundance and a catchy celebration. Crouchy debuted the robot against Jamaica in a game in which he scored a treble as England ran out 6-0 winners..

Number 4: Joe Garner

Perhaps a little biased being a Preston fan but i don’t think I’ve ever seen a goal and a celebration match any better than this one. Joe Garner’s iconic birdwalk celebration and the best goal I’ve ever seen live rolled into one. Mitre’s goal of the year, take a bow Joey Garner..

Number 3: Francesco Totti

Italian legend Francesco Totti is still doing the business…

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