Turning Mary Jane’s reprieve to acquittal

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Mary Jane Veloso Mary Jane Veloso

Drug mule Mary Jane Veloso may have been included in the mass execution of drug traffickers by firing squad in Indonesia, if not for a strange twist of fate that spared her life – for now.

Veloso’s family and the whole nation rejoice that Mary Jane received a reprieve in the last minute, but a reprieve is just a temporary relief from  sure death.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo, whose steadfastness on executions as part of a war on drugs has strong public support, told reporters he spared Veloso because of the bigger trafficking case, but he left little doubt that she would eventually be executed. “This is not a cancellation but a postponement,” he said.

This, after President Benigno Aquino pleaded, arguing that she could be a vital witness in prosecuting human and drugs syndicates plaguing the region.

Strangely and surprisingly, however, while cries for mercy and…

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