Almond cake – Sowmya



Almond – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 ½ cup

Clarified Butter – About 200 ml

Saffron – a pinch, soaked in warm milk

Milk – as required to grind the almonds


1.Soak 1 one cup of almonds overnight in hot water. (I soaked it in a hot pack.)

2. Remove the skin of almonds and grind it to a smooth paste using milk. Put the ground paste on a heavy bottomed kadai.

3.Measure 1 ½ cup of sugar.

4.Add the sugar to the ground paste.

5. Keep stirring the mixture. As you add the sugar the paste will become little dilute and will start thickening as you keep stirring.

6. Keep adding the ghee as the mixture gradually thickens. Add the ghee as and when required.

7.As the mixture thickens add the soaked saffron together with the milk.

8.Keep stirring until the mixture gathers at the…

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