Highway to…heaven!❤
This place is just so awesome that I can’t stop myself from posting the pictures of the beautiful views that I came across there.
This highway does lead to heaven.
Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh…God!


I personally don’t like hill stations much.I get sick almost everytime the car is moving at an alleviated angle.I puke like nobody’s business.(not a pretty picture,I agree.:/)
So,the puking spree doesn’t allow me to enjoy the scenic beauty much.


Sea shores are more my thing.I have always loved the ocean,ever since I was a 4 year old, and visited Goa(the state with the most beautiful beaches in India).There was that trip,and I was hooked.After that,out of the various plans of family trips to exotic places all around the country,beaches excited me the most.Be it Kanyakumari,Chennai, Hyderabad,Orissa,West Bengal,Daman and Diu,Gujarat,or any other beaches I have visited over the years…The beauty!(overlooking the fact, that even…

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