Ways to get in a good mood with healthy food!

Best Desi Food's

Most of us do not realize, however, the immediacy of the emotional connection between what we eat and how we feel. What you ate last night will undoubtedly affect how you feel in the morning, and what you ate for breakfast will undoubtedly affect how clearly you think in a few hours. Use the following guidelines to develop mood-enhancing eating habits: healthy-eating-diet

1. Do not skip meals. Going for long periods without food can result in a drop in blood sugar levels, which could lead to feelings of irritability, nervousness and fatigue. Try to eat three meals and two snacks daily.
2. Eat a little protein at each meal. Protein stabilizes blood sugar, lessens appetite and reduces the amount of food you subsequently consume. Stable blood sugar levels protect you from mood swings and fatigue.
3. Eat a variety of high fiber vegetables, such as broccoli and celery. Fiber also helps…

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