World A-Bloom


One thing I love about spring, summer, and fall is the way nature explodes with vibrant colors and the means she employs to display them.  A flower’s intricacies fascinate me, even more so after I go back to review the pictures I take, for I always see something I hadn’t noticed before.  After one particularly blissful afternoon with just my camera and me, I added two more items to my bucket list:  1) To learn the names of the plants I photograph and  2) buy myself a tripod. 🙂

At any rate, I pretty much covered the gamut of what the area offered that day.

From delicate hues to bold and bright::

Bush With Pinkish FlowersLavender and White Flowers

White Daisies 6_08_10

Bush with Yellow FlowersCarpet of Purple Flowers

Bearded, puffy, and flat:

RedbrushesFuzzy Whites Best

Lily Pads  Pink Flowers

These pine cones have an almost ethereal glow:

Pine Cone and BoughPine Cone in Nest

Farther down the trail I spied a nest amid foliage I had never seen before.  I snapped the picture and then moved in for a closer look.

Pink Tassels Surround NestTree with Pink Tassels

Nature takes…

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