In Germany, elderly bike messengers will deliver your local veggies


In the latest installment in our series, EverythingInEuropeIsSoFreakin’Neat, we bring you a German online startup that offers same-day delivery of products from local stores — by senior citizens on cargo bikes! Yup: You don’t have to get up from your computer to get groceries; no carbon is emitted in the delivery; and you’re supporting local businesses and giving old folks a new life purpose. A truly virtuous cycle. (Ahem.)

The startup, called Kiezkaufhaus (which translates to “neighborhood department store”), was born when project-leader Nanna Beyer noticed a huge problem with online delivery services: The products had to be delivered by truck, often over hundreds of miles, belching tons of climate-changing carbon dioxide in the process. Here’s more from FastCo’s Adele Peters:

“It all started a year ago, when we saw the piles of packages that employees had ordered online and that they had delivered…

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