Nightmares and inch long scar


She was standing at the window, staring out at the commotion.That adorable kid holding onto his mother’s hand while they crossed the road,that dog sitting at the asphalt, that vendor trying to sell off all those colorful glass bangles,that man trying to force his daughter to move away from the toy shop and follow him;that man hitting her;the little girl crying;her mother rushing to her rescue;the man glaring at her and then turning away,walking;the lady bowing her head and following her husband without a sound;the girl still crying…
Her hand went to the scar on her wrist.She started rubbing it as if the pain still remained.That inch long scar. She had kept it well hidden under those long sleeved shirts for the last three years.Her mind flashed to that dreadful night.The night that changed it all.Everything.
The ugly storm raging outside,that terrifying fight, the jagged edge of the beer bottle,those…

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