To The Black Mom Who Feels Sorry For Me, A White Mom

Like Water for Love

I recently read an opinion piece in The New York Times titled, “What Black Moms Know” and quite honestly I was appalled by the judgment and complete lack of respect for moms by the author who is a mom herself. This is my response to Ylonda Gault Caviness.

Please read this article before you read my response:

Did you really just bring up mommy wars in an article where you managed to single-handedly judge not only every white mom in America, but every black mom too? You say you “feel sorry for the others? You know those mothers.” Well, I’m a stay-at-home, white mommy blogger who does everything she can to ensure her children’s success and happiness. If that makes you feel sorry for me, please don’t. In fact, I feel sorry for you. The person who just generalized black and white moms based on what she thinks she…

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