Arabian Nights and Palatine Days

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arabian_nights The ILS production of Aladdin, under the patient direction of Delaine Schiestel.

The people of Immanuel Palatine were indeed busy this weekend. Our middle school students put on the musical Aladdin, Jr. under the direction of middle school teacher Delaine Schiestel, creating Agrabah in our gym. We studied the Bible.  We worshiped.  We celebrated at the Bobcat Blitz 5K/One Mile Race and we celebrated Mother’s Day. And we mourned the loss of a friend as well.

I was delighted when I saw the play…the kids did a great job. I had fun at the Bobcat Blitz (nearly 180 runners strong), though I’m still prohibited from running myself.  Kudos to Jean Link, Larry Link, Rick Sandusky, Karen Sandusky and the rest of the volunteers who planned and held a terrific race. On Saturday Carol and I attended the wedding of Megan and Carl Koenemann, along with a couple hundred family and friends…

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