Bulls & Bears: Market and Economic Review

Brass Tacks

If you have never seen Rocky IV go watch the movie and then come back and read this article because the six-year old bull market is in a very similar position to Ivan Drago in round two of his fight with Rocky. Throughout the entire movie leading up to round two, Drago is depicted as an unstoppable force who literally killed Apollo Creed in the ring.

“In two fights with Apollo, Rocky was lucky to survive; how would he possibly defeat the bigger, stronger Russian fighter? Once you see that Drago is being pumped full of steroids the task of beating him is nearly unfathomable. When the fight begins, Drago predictably pounds Rocky for the first round and a half. Battered, bloodied, and exhausted Rocky stands in and takes the beating until the moment comes for him to unleash a massive right hand that cuts Drago’s left eye. “The Russian…

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