Chris Christie Expensed More Than $82,000 For Food And Drink At NFL Games


Chris Christie Addresses VA Consumer Electronics Association

As Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has made a name for himself as a politician who loves sports and food. Of course, countless Americans also love sports and food, so what makes Christie so special? Maybe it’s because politics don’t mix well at all with sports and food, mostly because money’s almost always involved.

Christie is the chief executive of the state that owns MetLife Stadium, home to both the Giants and Jets, and as such has a free luxury suite there for him whenever he wants. But food and drink are not included in that sweetheart deal, so Christie had to go out of pocket to keep with his indulgent lifestyle… oh, did I say out of pocket? I meant that he charged it all to his expense account (paid for by the taxpayers), to the tune of more than $82,000 over two seasons in 2010 and…

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