OMG-I-Forgot-That-It-Was-Mother’s-Day-Monday #1

Charlotte's Corner

Yep, you really are the worst child in history, and that’s saying something because Hitler was someone’s child too. (Did that just go too far? Yep, it probably did.) But your parents are supposed to love you unconditionally so don’t worry. And you guys have me. I’ve got you covered. Here are five easy ideas to show your mom how much you love her (and tell her how much of an idiot you were for forgetting Mother’s day)!

Idea number one: An old-fashioned homemade drawing, preferably one that took like five minutes to make. There is this unwritten rule that moms have to appreciate all your homemade gifts. It doesn’t matter how ugly they are. And yes, I know what you’re thinking.
“But Charlotte, I’m like 22 years old I can’t just make my mom a drawing!”
Let me tell you the truth. There is no age limit to this…

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