SHE LIKES IT: Litehouse Instantly Fresh Herbs Will Make You Stop Using Salt & Pepper To Flavor Your Food

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What has zero calories, but can make you fat (well at least feel fat)? Salt. The number one culprit of bloating and retaining water weight. As we spring into another skin-baring season, I thought I would ditch salt for a bit. That’s right, many believe throwing salt over your shoulder is good for luck, but truth be told, throwing it out is great for your health.

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Cooking with salt and pepper only is so 1940s, beauties so check out the fun I have been having with herbs. And no I don?t have a garden in NYC, in fact I have a garden in my kitchen cupboards thanks to Litehouse!

These are Instantly Fresh™ Herbs. They aren?t dried herbs, they?re fresh! Well, they are freeze-dried fresh herbs. Which means, with a drop of water, they come back to life –…

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