Six Pack Abs? Think Again. Women Just Want To Have Sex With Their Dads

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It’s called DadBod and it’s the hottest new trend in telling people what to look like. It seems the days of six pack abs, or even a healthy BMI, are completely over. Women everywhere are going nuts for men who just let it all go, develop a beer gut from excessive alcohol consumption, and ultimately begin to resemble the man all women secretly want to fuck: their father.

“Who wants to date a guy that’s in shape anymore?” asked some girl from some college. “I want a guy so out of shape that when he takes off his shirt, someone at the AHA gets fired. One of those bloated sausage men from the Pepto-Bismol commercials that sit at the end of the diner counter and tell the waitress about their diarrhea. You know, like my dad.”

What is DadBod exactly? The consensus seems to indicate that DadBod is the…

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