Some thoughts on yoghurt


Stick with me on this one.

Recently, Arla (Denmark) released a new dairy product in the UK called skyr. You’ve probably seen the advert –

(They’ve got a couple of other cute adverts, too, here and here)

Unsurprisingly, Arla have come under a bit of fire from furious, patriotic Icelanders. Because Arla isn’t an Icelandic company, and this is not an Icelandic product, even though it’s pretending to be.

I feel for the Icelanders, I really do. But Arla are a business, and skyr is a product (which, as far as I know, is not PDO) and Arla just got in there first. If Iceland felt they had a unique and wonderful product, then why didn’t they produce it for export long ago?

That said, apparently Icelandic company MS will be releasing their own skyr on the British market later this year. I look forward to…

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