The Day I Found Mom on Pinterest

It's Hann 'ah-clock!

You know the feeling you get when you are standing near something great? What it’s like to be by the Grand Canyon, or under all the named stars (He knows all of them), or a waving wheat field at night. It brings you to the reality of your size. When you stand next to something so great, you can’t help but feel your smallness.

That’s how I feel when I stand next to my mom.

It’s kind of weird to say you feel small when you stand next to someone who weighs like 42 lbs., but for the sake of imagery, small.

I look at her, see the kind of person she is, think about the kind of mother she is, and I can’t help but wonder how I will ever be any of that.

wp (1 of 1)

My mom is valley-wise. She has walked through more grief than I care to know.

There’s a…

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