The Real Reason Liberals Blame Pam Gellar and Not the Radical Muslims


If you have been watching the recent media lately, it will leave you scratching your head. Instead of the liberal media condemning those who sought to slaughter a whole group of people, they condemn a conservative blogger named Pam Gellar, who held an event that upset the radical Jihadist. For those who don’t know what happened in Garland, Texas, I will conduct a quick run-through. A couple weeks ago, a conservative blogger by the name of Pamela Gellar decided she would host a best cartoon of the Muslim prophet, Muhammed. The winner of this contest would receive $10,000. Those of you that remember what happened in France when a cartoon of Muhammed was drawn, should be able to understand the importance of such an event in America. This event was to show that in America, even if it offends, we can say it and won’t back down because of threats…

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