Weight training and women – the myths debunked


You know what confuses me? Why so many women seem to have this massive misunderstanding about lifting weights. They think that it will cause them to develop big, bulky muscles like some men have. But what they may not realize is the benefits of weight training actually outweigh those of cardio when it comes to losing fat. The more lean muscle you have on your body, the more fat your body will actually burn (making it easier to lose those unwanted pounds).

For all of the women who swear by cardio, cardio, cardio…

Did you know that your fat loss hormones are essentially virtually unaffected by traditional cardio? It provides no prolonged metabolic benefit, which just means that nothing about doing strictly cardio will rev up your body to lose that weight.

However, when you lift weights you are setting your body up for metabolic reactions that allow…

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