Pupils Educated Otherwise Than At School


12 May 2015

Article by Sian Thomas, National Assembly for Wales Research Service

This is a picture of someone walking out of a room. Image from Flickr by woodleywonderworks. Licensed under the Creative Commons.

In Plenary tomorrow, Suzy Davies AM, has a short debate on Pupils Educated Otherwise Than At School (EOTAS). This term covers a range of circumstances in which pupils are educated outside a school setting, such as pupil referral units; individual pathways and 14-19 provision; independent and voluntary sector provision; and home tuition. EOTAS refers to education provided by the local authority and it is generally accepted that the term does not include elective home education provided by parents.

The Welsh Government’s policies in this regard came under scrutiny as part of the Children, Young People and Education Committee’s inquiry into Attendance and Behaviour and in its subsequent report, published in August 2013. Evidence received by the Committee suggested that there was an ‘acute shortage’ of EOTAS provision…

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