Scientists say we need a huge bird and bat preserve in the sky


Birds and bats have all sorts of foes in addition to their natural predators: Windows, power lines, and wind turbines, just to name a few. But with technology in rapid development, they could have a new nemesis: Drones.

According to a recent report in Science, researchers think it’s high time to create wildlife reserves in the sky. “It was only as recently as 2013 that researchers proposed that the airspace be recognized as habitat,” a coauthor of the study pointed out to Fast Company. “Frameworks for protecting the animals that use this habitat lag far behind frameworks for the conservation of terrestrial and even aquatic habitats.”

Drones are rising in popularity and businesses are setting their sights on using them to do everything from monitoring huge farm fields to dropping off a hot pizza at our doorstep. But they could also cause spikes in animal collisions, particularly during flying animals’…

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