To the Guy Who Broke My Friend’s Heart

Beyond Words and Places

Hey! I’m suppose to make a letter for you, but it’ll be too mainstream. So I made a poem because I’m creative like that!


So here it goes…

She promised she won’t fall, but she did.
She thought you won’t hurt her but you did.
The heart that she’s been guarding, now it’s broken.
“I hope this will end.” That’s what she’s whispering.

Seeing her broken left me wondering,
What the things will she be doing?
A broken heart can change everything,
including how she perceives things.

I hope someday you’ll realize what you did,
leaving her without even explaining.
But as a friend, I am thanking.
For the mem’ries you gave that will
make her heart keep on beating.

And for my friend, here’s something to keep in your mind:


Thanks for reading and I hope you liked my post. Feel free to comment about my post. God bless…

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