Dear Mr. Boehner And Mr. McConnell: To Reduce The Deficit And Save Money, Please Add These Ideas To Budget Package

Lean Left

We are in the middle of the budget process.  The Republican Controlled Congress has their blueprint for where the budget should grow and where it should be cut.  As I wrote yesterday, Congress, or at least House Republicans, want to cut the Amtrak budget by one-fifth.

As usual, I heard from some conservatives that all I want to do is spend money.  That is not true.  But, I do want to spend money on things that will actually help the economy, our safety, and our people.  So, let our conservative friends digest these ideas for budget cuts, and/or laws that will make it all happen.

First on the list is subsidies for gas and oil companies.  I have never understood why a company like Exxon/Mobile who makes about $20 Billion per year in Profits needs subsidies.  But I will allow that maybe they do.  However, I propose that all subsidies…

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