First Post-Baby Workout (for the second time)!

Confessions of a New Mom

Woo! I’m writing this just after doing my first post-parturition workout (this will be posted the day after my workout, so those of you who know me will probably be dealing with my whining today!). I’ve been doing lots of walking and babywearing (thanks Angela!) but have been holding off to make sure I wasn’t going to cause any problems with breastfeeding (I did last time by starting too early and not eating enough, etc.). Angela and I did a smaller walk than usual (only 5k, my goodness) and then I checked for abdominal separation (I’m good, yay!) and then jumped right in!

  • I started with an abdominal workout (very light), you can find it here. I only got to level 3, but I will work up to my crazy ab exercises soon I’m sure!
  • I then did a legs and butt workout, you can find it here

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